ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL XW Series Waterproof Actuators

ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL XW Series Waterproof Actuators are designed for use in wet environments, underwater, and outdoor applications with a sealed servo. These actuators feature certified IP68 ratings, separate waterproof cable, and extension cable. The Dynamixel XW series actuators operate in 6 different modes that include torque control, velocity control, position control, extended position control, current based position control, and PWM control. These actuators include a hollow back case that minimizes cable stress and a profile control for smooth functioning. These actuators operate at 10V to 14V of supply voltage range and -5°C to 80°C temperature range.


  • 6 operating modes:
    • Torque control
    • Velocity control
    • Position control
    • Extended position control
    • Current based position control
    • PWM control
  • Profile control for smooth functioning
  • Improved heat sink featuring an aluminum case
  • Direct screw assembly to the case
  • Energy-saving
  • 28.4% reduced volume compared to the MX-106
  • Supports synchronous control mode
  • Hollow back case minimizes cable stress


  • 10V to 14.8V input voltage range
  • 40mA standby current
  • 33.5mm x 58.5mm x 46mm dimensions
  • -5°C to 80°C operating temperature range
  • 9600bps to 4.5Mbps baud rate range
  • 360° resolution


公開: 2020-08-25 | 更新済み: 2020-09-30