Analog Devices Inc. センサーソリューション

Analog Devices(ADI)センサソリューションには、MEMS加速度計、MEMSジャイロスコープ、MEMS慣性測定ユニット(IMU)、光センサ、異方性磁気抵抗(AMR)センサ、温度センサ、ホール効果センサがあります。高性能ディスクリートコンポーネント、プラグインレディソリューションは、複雑な設計要件を効果的かつ確実に満たします。

Condition-based monitoring –Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) is a type of predictive maintenance that involves using sensors to measure the status of an asset over time while it is in operation. The data collected establishes trends, predicts failures, and calculates the remaining life of an asset. With CBM, maintenance is only performed when the data shows that performance is decreasing or a failure is likely. Rather than at specified intervals like with preventive maintenance.

Sensors help to reduce the overall cost of deployment and ownership and, in the process, expand the universe of facilities and equipment that can benefit from a condition-monitoring program.

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公開: 2015-05-18 | 更新済み: 2022-03-11